Within the project implementation framework, on April 11, 2023, the team of the CROSS BORDER “FIRESHIELD” project of the Municipality of Vrapcishte held a coordination meeting with representatives of the Directorate for Rescue and Safety of North Macedonia, an institution that is both top responsible for fire protection system in MK but is also implementing IPA CBC MK-AL funded project in the environmental protection area.

 The purpose of this meeting was to have close coordination and share of knowledge between both implementing teams for the future progress of project implementation process, as well as the consolidation of their relations to increase the expertise of professionals in the field of defense and firefighting systems in cross-border areas. During the meeting, the achievements, challenges and successes of the projects so far were discussed strengthening the already established excellent institutional cooperationConsidering that this Directorate and the “FIRESHIELD” project share the same field of intervention, fire protection in the cross-border area, these meetings are confirmed to be very important tools for the overall achievement of the indicators of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program IPA, North Macedonia – Albania.

This activity is implemented under the project CROSS – BORDER FIRESHIELD funded under the IPA II call, CBC, Europe Aid/170339/DD/ACT/MK.